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Flea bites on humans

Flea bite on humans isn’t as rampant as dogs or cats. However, when they do occur on humans, the flea bites are usually a result of bites from human fleas, dog fleas or cat fleas. Flea bites are usually formed in massive groups or clusters. Some skins are very sensitive to flea bites, and as such, they risk getting certain hives which are similar to a huge number of red bumps around the affection region.


Cat and Dog fleas typically bite below the knee, their bites usually occur around the ankle region, if you are fond of stroking or holding your pet, you could get flea bites on your forearms. Human fleas are the only type of fleas that move in groups of 2’s or 3’s; it could be more in some cases. There are quite some people that develop an allergic reaction to flea bites and usually get irritated as a result. In some cases albeit very rare ones, flea bites on humans could lead to very severe diseases as result of the viruses and bacteria transmitted from these fleas.

Flea bites on your pets

Irrespective of the kind of pet you have, be it a cat, dog, rabbit or any other animal for that matter, there is every likelihood that your pet may get cat fleas.

Fleas usually prefer their special hosts, although in certain conditions if there are alternatives close by they could easily live on humans or other animals. In most cases, you hardly notice when your pet has been bitten by fleas. However, if these fleas are left to spread you could end up having a flea infestation at home.

Dogs are very sensitive to flea saliva even more sensitive than humans. They tend to develop reactions as a result of just a single flea bite.

Reason for flea bites and when they occur

Studies have shown that fleas overtime has evolved to a point where they can store more blood than their actual weight (about 15 times). Due to the short spikes on their legs, they can perch firmly on their host. On they have been able to have a firm footing on their host, they proceed to inject their saliva. The saliva typically comprises 15 different substances which could cause serious allergies. Dogs are very prone to flea allergies. Fleas irrespective of the breed, whether sand fleas, dog fleas, cat fleas are all considered to be parasites as they live off the blood of animals to survive.  Even female fleas require blood to produce flea eggs. They need to feed regularly, typically between two to three times daily. However, to be able to reproduce, the female flea needs to meet with their male counterpart just once in their lifetime. Fleas do not feast on blood just for the sake of it, they do so because they need to survive.

Are fleas dangerous to humans or pets?

Flea bites are not as dangerous to humans or pets when compared to other insects. Irrespective of the fact that you need not contact a doctor immediately you get bitten by fleas, it is important you are fully aware of the rashes and allergic reactions. Fleas could be inhabitants of several types of viral diseases and bacteria, and in some cases are known to be transmitters of tapeworm. Even disease-free fleas could be a pain in the neck to humans or animals if they come in large groups and could be difficult to do away with. Let’s take a look at how to get rid of fleas.

How do flea bites look

Flea bites that do not cause allergic reaction tend to leave small red dots which could escape the eyes. It becomes obvious when the bites begin itching or when there are holes in the affected region as a result of constant itching, this, in turn, to lead to skin infections which may require treatment.

How to get rid of fleas

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